CONNECTOO Comprehensive end to end platform for teachers and parents

SECURITY FIRST Connectoo is a designated and secured platform for teachers and parents that will help keep children safe  – check in monitoring, each parent receives only information about his/her child.
SIMPLE TO OPERATE Connectoo is intuitive and simple – send updates or pictures with just a few clicks.

No need to type text if you don’t want to!

SAVES TIME AND ENERGY No more sorting pictures, filing attendance and daily reports, now you can do it easily in a manner of seconds
ALL IN ONE SOLUTION Say no for using various platforms to send updates and pictures to parents, you can do everything and more with Connectoo



    Parents are notified if the child does not arrive at usual time (for safety reasons).
    Keeps track of late pickups.
  • Auto picture sharing

    Simply take a picture and let Connectoo do the rest – Connectoo will tag children automatically, sort pictures for you and send them to parents.
  • Reports in a click

    No need to type text simply click just a few buttons
  • Bulletin Board

    Easily share text pictures and links with different classes so that parents will be able to review them with their children at home.
  • Calendar

    Share events, activities, vacations, birthdays and more
  • Text messages

    Conduct chats with parents and staff

Only a glance and you are updated

Connectoo will display only relevant pictures and updates so you will easily know what went on in school today.
This will help you maintain a powerful and valuable interaction with your child and with the teachers.
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